Honoring the Chodura tradition

The traditional original

The traditional original

If there was one thing my grandfather’s shop was famous for during the inter-war period, it was ham. Hams are and always have ranked among the highest quality sausage products. Therefore, they are naturally still our main priority.

  • Moravian Ham

    Moravian Ham

    Exclusive ham with a distinctive meat flavour, smoked on beech wood.

  • Breakfast Ham

    Breakfast Ham

    Start your day right chewing on delicious stewed ham with a delicate flavour.

  • Paris Ham

    Paris Ham

    Pork ham with a fat layer providing a distinctive aroma.

  • Czech Ham

    Czech Ham

    Stewed ham from selected parts of pork leg, characterised by its delicate flavour.

Tradition of production since 1919

History of the Chodura brand

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Modern technology and equipment

Modern production hall

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Our products are sold in a wide sales network throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, not only in large chains, but also in small shops or in our specialised sausage shops Uzenářství Chodura. Come visit us and try some of our products.