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We produce mainly hams of the highest quality, but we also offer premium and standard hams. Thanks to their unique flavour, they have found an absolutely irreplaceable place in the hearts of our customers. What our customers enjoy most are Honey, Excelent and Burgundy hams which stand out for their quality and flavour.

  • Stewed Ham Excellent

    Stewed Ham Excellent

    Stewed ham of the highest quality, known for its delicate flavour, from exclusive pork leg.

  • Lightly Smoked Stewed Ham

    Lightly Smoked Stewed Ham

    Ham of the highest quality which stands out for its distinctive flavour with a pleasant smoky essence.

  • Honey Ham

    Honey Ham

    Ham with a delicate sweetness of honey blossom, smoked on beech wood.

  • Gourmet Ham

    Gourmet Ham

    Ham of the highest quality with fat layer, lightly smoked.

  • Prague Ham

    Prague Ham

    Ham of the highest quality for those who are looking for an extraordinary culinary experience.

  • Smokehouse Ham

    Smokehouse Ham

    Ham of the highest quality, intensively smoked on beech wood using a family recipe.

  • Baked Ham

    Baked Ham

    Pork ham of the highest quality filled with flavour with a fat layer, baked.

  • Steamed Ham

    Steamed Ham

    Ham of the highest quality, slowly stewed, with a delicate flavour.

Tradition of production since 1919

History of the Chodura brand

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Modern technology and equipment

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