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Smoked meats and specialities

Smoked meats and specialities

A very wide range of all-muscle products in many coat variations, flavours and shapes are a must-have when setting up a festive table of all true culinary experts.

  • British Bacon

    British Bacon

    Classic product from selected parts of pork belly, with a darker coat.

  • Kladno Roast

    Kladno Roast

    A product made from specially treated pork roast with a one-of-a-kind leanness.

  • Mini Salami

    Mini Salami

    Delicate salami pack for a party. Tastes best with beer or wine.

Tradition of production since 1919

History of the Chodura brand

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Modern technology and equipment

Modern production hall

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20+ shops in the Czech Republic.
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Our products are sold in a wide sales network throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, not only in large chains, but also in small shops or in our specialised sausage shops Uzenářství Chodura. Come visit us and try some of our products.